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        Press and Blog

        Episode 95: Julian Jackson – Sharpening your leadership skills

        In this episode of Success Superstars, special guest Julian Jackson from San Antonio gives us insight into his real estate practice. He hones in on what works for him and what you can consider when sharpening your leadership skills. Julian follows the system Automate,...

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        The 90-Day Hustle

        I love this time of year… a time of reflection and redirection. A time where everyone is just a little bit kinder, gentler and more giving. As we enter the last few days of the year, I trust your kindness will be known to all. Speaking with so many of you, your...

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        Episode 94: Wes Hamiter – Finding your INNER AGENT in Real Estate

        In this episode of Success Superstars, 'Special Agent' Wes Hamiter opens up about his journey to becoming the agent he is today and the lessons learned from following training that didn't align with his values. Wes provides a very insightful take on how to deal with...

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        Episode 92: Jesse Lopez – Your Skillset Is Your Differentiator!

        On this week's podcast, we feature Air Force Veteran Jesse Lopez, who leveraged the skills he learned in the military and his passions, to succeed in his new career course. Having served 23 years in the Air Force, Jesse learned some invaluable lessons about work ethic...

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